5 de marzo de 2017


Tidal Rider is back, and bigger and better than before.

Escape the mighty Tidal Wave, how long can you go, leaping from wave to wave in this completely unique physics arcade adventure.

Beat your friends and surf the furthest in this fun and simple game that's easy to play but difficult to Master!


• Unlock new Surfers
• Fast action One touch Gameplay
• Challenge your Friends for the High Score
• Extremely Fun and Addictive

How to Play:

1. Tap and hold to accelerate
2. In Mid air, tap and hold to rotate the board and get a smooth landing
3. Loop the Loop to earn bonus Coins.
4. If you fall off your board, tap to get back on, and escape the sharks.
5. Keep going and see how far you can go, can you escape, the tidal wave?

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