8 de marzo de 2017

3,99 €

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The Deep Paths: Labyrinth Of Andokost is a first-person, dungeon crawling RPG, with traditional grid-based movement, and active turn-based combat. Players explore a vast labyrinth filled with dangerous creatures, and hidden treasures, to unravel an ancient mystery and deliver their city from harm’s way.

Featuring rich, 3D environments with an old-school, retro feel, this huge adventure pays a modernised homage to classic 80’s and 90’s dungeon crawlers, such as "Dungeon Master" and "Lands Of Lore".

- Rich, 3D environments with high-quality art.
- Tough, old-school combat, and traditional character levelling.
- Dozens of secrets to discover.
- A light-hearted adventure that doesn't take itself too seriously.
- ReplayKit Streaming.

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