16 de marzo de 2017

Lose yourself in a world where Mobsters are let loose to cause Mayhem. From pint sized Shorty to airborne onesie wearing Chopper Charlie. Recruit a mob and take down your rivals! Set Harry the Hammer to work and build your town in real time. Lay foundations, upgrade your Headquarters to unlock buildings & defenses, collect rent from tenants and buy factories to generate resources. Fiercely defend your town to prevent rivals from stealing resources and taking tenants hostage!

Create or join a Mobster Family and forge strong bonds with other players to bring down your enemies. Attack rival bosses with ground and air units and become the Boss of all Bosses in this manic world where mobsters rule. Download now for free and play it like a BOSS!

- FREE to download and play
- Build foundations to expand your town
- Upgrade Soup Kitchens and Drinking Dens to unlock higher earning tenants
- 16 buildings and 9 defenses to upgrade multiple times
- Defend your town with units such as Barrel Guns, flame throwing Barricades, Rocket Launchers, Plasma Towers and hidden exploding surprise
- Build the ultimate perimeter defense using Walls and Blockades
- Battle against players across the globe and steal their resources and victory medals.
- Join up with friends and form a fierce mob Family
- Find, prospect and win extra gold
- Hone your skills in single player mode and collect resources
- Raid on consecutive days for extra coins and medals
- Tenants: Rosie Rent, Hairdo Harriet, Billy Bundles
- Mobsters: Shorty, Molotov Man, Norman Knuckles, Shoulders, Chopper Charlie, Morris The Mole and Polly Powers.
- Air units: Barnstormer (Blimp coming soon)

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