9 de marzo de 2017


Holes is a game, in which you have to get as far as you can. But to know how hard it is, you will have to try it out for yourself.

• A completely unique gameplay, you don’t jump, you don’t even control the character, instead you fill the holes so your character doesn’t fall inside.
• 20+ Awesome characters.
• 10+ Awesome worlds.
• Graves and flags for your Highscores!
• GameCenter scoreboard!
• Every 100m you will get 10,20,30 coins respectively.
• Most characters play on their unique worlds.
• Only one premium character, the king will give double coins, and 500 coins as a gift on purchase.
• Everything is available trough gameplay.
• Watch ads for coins.
• Buy a gift to get a new random character (With rare duplicates).
• Translated to 15 languages.
• Anti-noob for the first 3 blocks. (so you don’t die from thinking you can tap whenever you want).

• Play with ONLY ONE FINGER, and tap quickly 1,2 or 3 times
• Tap with multiple fingers depending on the hole size.

Oh, and did you know, a small percentage of our revenue will be donated to charity!

Have fun!

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