8 de marzo de 2017

0,99 €

- Fast-paced, physics-based action
- Sparkles
- Procedurally generated levels
- Pro-tuned twin-stick shooting mechanics (Easy to learn - difficult to master)
- Unlock game-changing powerups
- Unlock and upgrade super powers


You don't understand anything about cell phones or computers, which is why you were easily duped into downloading PHoNe-CLEEN® from MAL-soft.

After you used PHoNe-CLEEN®'s theft.cam to take a picture of your beloved canine companion he was sucked into your cell phone by a violent flash of hyper electrostacicity.

Can you help your flattened dog escape the phone?

- Fast-paced & bouncy physics-based gameplay.
- Procedurally generated levels. Every playthrough is different.
- 9 enemy types to battle.
- 6 game-changing powerups.
- Collect coins to upgrade your dogware, giving Flatdog the ability to see through the code or perform an ElectroDash.
- Collect coins to unlock game-changing powerups that shield, heal, slow time and give Flatdog the power of flight.
- Fight through infinite levels - how high can you go?
- Sparkly particles and pretty lights!

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