12 de marzo de 2017


The fight never stops - Dark Blade: Empires.

• A conquest for new land.
• A struggle for your homeland.
• A contest for riches and ultimate power.
• A war full of treachery and betrayal.

Are you Ready?

Build, defend, conquer. Create a civilization worthy of a great medieval empire!

Keep your empire’s internal affairs, barracks, storage, trading markets and other facilities in check for the your people’s benefit, and to prevent rebellions!

Train and strengthen your army, your soldiers include dwarves, giants, priests and cavalry. Win battles to upgrade their fighting capacity. Recruit top level fighters with unmatchable skill to destroy any enemy.

Use mystery maps passed down from the ancestors to explore unknown territory. Pioneer through vast ice deserts, wilderness, and arid plains to conquer new lands to ensure you go down in history as a great medieval explorer!

Create your own league, play against other players from around the world! Join a league with like minded players with similar levels, it’s entirely up to you to choose what kind of league you want to join!

Sharpen your weapons, bring your a-game and lead your army to a glorious victory in an unmissable mobile game for 2017.

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