22 de febrero de 2017

4,99 €

An epic adventure through a mysterious mountain filled with monsters, magic and mayhem!

“...it looks downright incredible.” - Pocket Tactics

“If you’ve ever played a tabletop RPG and been lucky enough to have your dungeon master build out a miniature set, that’s what Tin Man’s done here. It’s absolutely delightful...” - PCWorld

“I can speak on behalf of Fighting Fantasy fans everywhere when I say that this is, to date, the most enjoyable and definitive adaptation of the gamebook” - Game Cynic

• A tabletop adventure come to life with figurines and an environment that assembles itself.
• Fully interactive story, with 1000s of choices, which change for each of the four heroes.
• Story and choices adapt to adventuring style with unique hero quests to complete.
• Over 100 beautifully crafted character and monster figurines to find and interact with.
• Simultaneous turn-based combat system using hero weapon skills and clashing dice.
• Outwit your opponents by learning their fighting styles and predicting their moves.
• More heroes, fighting styles and quests available to download.
• Adapted from the best-selling Fighting Fantasy gamebook by legendary game designers Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.

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