4 de febrero de 2017

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Puz the explorer has ventured to a cursed island where you will guide him through a mystical and magical world in search of ancient relics, to help free the island from it's evil curse with their power. On this beautiful, mysterious yet haunting island you will help solve puzzles by combining blocks together to form a path for Puz to continue on his adventure. There will be tricks, switches and 3D shapes to confuse the mind but to save this island, puzzles you must seek.

** User experience **
The game is designed in a beautiful 3D environment with magical colours creating a surreal experience for the player. The game is designed to be easy to learn and enjoy but may be quite challenging to complete. The player simply needs to drag and drop the blocks into position to solve the puzzles. The interface is simple and clean to use and is designed to be picked up by any player and used anywhere.

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