25 de febrero de 2017


With controls that work like hand churned butter, and be cold trippin' like Bob Dylan, you need to tap, shoot, dodge, and weave your way through a sewer full of slime balls, eyeballs, goofballs, and water balls.

If this game doesn't make you twitch, you are a robot.

This. Is. Puff.

• Fast, smooth, and simple control system.
• Progressive difficulty (adjusts your ability).
• Power ups.
• Replay Kit recording for your badass kills and close calls.
• Sweet classic 8-bit graphics.
• Lots of baddies that are, like, super bad.
• Game Centre keeps tabs on your kills count.
• Retro soundtrack you can move your body too like Elaine.
• Retro gaming in full effect.
• Animated iMessage Stickers (in a separate iMessage App).

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