25 de febrero de 2017


Enter a vast universe of endless possibilities! In Last Planets you have your very own planet to protect, and a huge universe to explore. Make new Friends, find Allies and Join other players in realtime to complete events!
Download Now and join the Last Planets Universe!

• Develop your very own planet.
• Make new friends and explore a persistent, vast, living universe that has all players in one unified world.
• Join dynamic co-operative events all over the universe.
• Engage in Real Time Strategy combat.
• Build and develop a powerful Alliance, filled with stations to offer you boosts.
• Raid together with up to 50 Alliance members in real time.
• Help your Alliance defenses against enemy raiders by healing them in real time to stop the attackers at their tracks.
• Take 6 Unique troop types into battle.
• Search the universe for Unique Collectible Relics.

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