22 de febrero de 2017


Adventure story about Marty and his owner. 

Marty is a very active and cheerful dog. There used to be times when he and his owner travelled around the whole World searching for treasures and rare artifacts.

Unfortunately the years take their toll and Marty’s owner had to stop travel without having collected all the things he dreamed of.
But Marty – the bravest and endlessly loyal friend of all won’t leave the owner’s dream unrealised, because he is ready for anything to make his owner feel happy.

So he takes all needed equipment to start his treasure hunt all by himself!

Immersing yourself in this story, you get:

– Fascinating story about the dog who travels the World
– Hundred of meters under the ground to dig in the search of treasures
– Colorful graphics and funny comics
– Many different gadgets and upgrades to achieve the goals
– Dozens of artifacts awaiting to be found and collected
– Quests from side characters
– Danger lurking under the ground

As a bonus you also get 27 cool Stickers of charming Marty. 
He is very emotional and he is ready to share his feelings with you and your friends.

Join the game and help Marty to cope with coming adventures!

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