16 de febrero de 2017



As a treasure hunter, explore and unlock the mysteries of an ancient world on a quest for the golden idol. Innovative match 3 gameplay allows you to solve puzzle and beat challenges to discover new paths and earn huge rewards! Collect, customize and play with a range of characters, each with unique power-ups to that directly affect gameplay. What you match and how you play dynamically influences the path you take and the rewards you reap!

• Explore a variety of worlds like ancient temples, lush jungles, treacherous icy terrain, and the blazing desert.
• Collect a team of unique characters, each with different skills.
• Upgrade and customize your treasure hunter’s skills and equipment.
• Discover unique and valuable items to get even bigger rewards!
• A truly dynamic 3D map that connects game goals with match 3 action.
• Solve puzzle to collect relics and open up new sections in the map.
• Match 4 or more gems to create huge cascades!
• Enjoy tons of Levels and a huge variety of Game Modes.
• Uniquely challenging re-playable levels for more content than ever before!

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