16 de febrero de 2017



Are you tired of playing single player puzzles?
Or tired of simple battles between numbers?
Or are you really sick of drawing out heroes from a low-chance raffle?
Then welcome to Puzzleland, Linkers!
In Linkers Arena, you can compose a unique and powerful team to test your skills against users form all around the world.
Like chess pieces, your heroes can be selected and tactically moved to achieve victory.
The heroes don't have grades of superiority, and are all unique, individual characters that await your summons!
Challenge yourself! Linkers Arena! The Champion's Throne is yours!

• Fight puzzle battles with users from all around the globe to gain trophies.
• You can collect all heroes with skill and effort, instead of relying on random shop draws.
• All heroes have unique skills and are truly special!
• Compose your team by combining various heroes with spells!
• Use the rune system to further create special teams of your own.
• Effort and skills are rewarded. Aim for the highest tier and receive the special season rewards.
• Join a guild and open treasure chests with guild members by collecting Kill Points.
• Do you want to relax for a while? Then embark on an adventure to the puzzle stages! Numerous treasure await you!

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