25 de febrero de 2017



Exciting, MMORPG with Courageous Pets/Companions, Real-time Multiplayer & Arena PvP!

LINE The World HD is a action-packed MMORPG that combines character customization with fast-paced battles in a cute fantasy world. Create your hero and go on an epic quest to fight the forces of evil. Get various loot and rewards as you fight your way through foes and compete with friends in arenas.

- Real-time Action: Slash, Fire, Charge to fend off friends & foes.
- Powerful Battle Pets: Lots of companions to summon, equip & evolve.
- Epic Story Mode: Explore quests and dungeons in a fun cute MMO world.
- Survive Boss Fights: Fight numerous enemies and tricky bosses.
- Massively Multiplayer: Real-time PvP, Clan Wars, Team Dungeons, Resource Sharing & Chat.
- RPG Customization: Over 1,000 pieces of gear & upgrades, plus costumes, wings & accessories and much more...

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