10 de febrero de 2017



Grow your crops, expand your resources and help your farm live long and prosper - all with just one hand!

Minding your farm has never been this convenient! The unique user interface with simplified farming mechanics ensures that every action is at the tip of your thumb. Couple that with a whole bunch of innovative features and breathtaking graphics, and what you get is a farming experience unlike any other.

On the bus, on the subway, in the park or simply on the go - Farm On! is the perfect game for the multi-tasking, modern day casual farmer!

• Delightfully simplistic user interface.
• Gorgeous graphics.
• Innovative game mechanics.
• Simplified ways of sowing and harvesting crops.
• Wide range of crops, animals and products.
• Variety of production facilities and decorations.
• Numerous upgrades available.
• Endless gameplay.

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