22 de febrero de 2017


A world abnormity arose suddenly―
That is the villain or the resolver...

The first collaboration of splendid creators who brought forth a wide variety of games!
That is “CLASH ARMS.”

Six heroes join together one by one to find out the root of the abnormity arisen in the world and weave their story.

Head for the north end country... What does wait for you there?

CLASH ARMS is a clash-action RPG which players can beat enemies by throwing handheld weapons. With the battle mode of AUTO and X2 Speed, you can enjoy the battle as you like.
Rich stories, well-matched sounds, unique and adorable characters must excite you. Let’s start your adventure now!

Explore everywhere. Get many items and golds.
The various shops help your journey in the town.
Improve and upgrade your owned weapon by golds!
Win the battles in a row at Arena and get rare things!

Find out the truth of this story with you hand!

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