3 de enero de 2017


Aim for the highest position!!!

The ultimate terminator in an epic idle game!!
Stunningly fast and stunningly light.
The most powerful action around.

+ Naver Fanpage : http://g.cafe.naver.com/superdimensionalrush-en

Knights, stuck in the endless time loop

Aim for the highest position!!!

Aim for the highest level with more heroes through the time loop

Enjoy slaying bosses and competing with other users through various blessing and strengthening potions

A surprisingly fast-paced and light idle game for the ultimate gamer

The unique features of Super Dimensional Rush

Up to 10000 stages of massive field battles!

56 various Heroes!!

An attack function that can be used whether your phone is on or off!!

All kinds of fun stuff, from Daily Dungeons, Boss Raid and PvP to Expedition Battles and Adventures. Plus lots of rewards!!!

A variety of strengthening potions using various collectible items!!!!

Gather, warriors!!!!!

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