8 de diciembre de 2016


Does your kid love Dinosaurs? Search no further!
Kids Discover Dinosaurs is fun, interactive, animated and informative! Endless entertainment and learning for your kids! TRY IT TODAY! IT'S FREE!

- "Absolutely fabulous! The dinosaurs are adorable and just by solving the puzzles my kid learns new things about his favorite characters! I warmly recommend this app!"

- "My son loves his dinosaurs and this is his favorite app. It's so hard to find educational games kids want to play but this is definitely one of those!"

- "Did you know the dinosaurs laid eggs and that some of them were no bigger than a seven-year old? This game does an amazing job teaching my kid (and me!) about dinosaurs just by solving puzzles and playing animations!"

Kids love their dinosaurs and puzzle solving that reveal their beloved beasts. Kids Discover Dinosaurs is designed by parents for parents and kids to discover together so you can participate bond with your kids. Aside of the pure fun of discovering simple facts about the most iconic dinosaurs that roamed the world, this game helps kids develop their spatial recognition and train their tactile and fine-motor skills.

Unlike most of the puzzles from the app-stores, Kids Discover Dinosaurs is illustrated and animated by some of the best artists! Each puzzle is lovingly crafted to reveal a unique personality and traits of a specific dinosaur. How big was it? What was his favorite food? In what environment did the dinosaur live and what were its perks? Everything is answered with funny drawings and bright colors so all kids get it and are entertained while they learn.

- "My son loves this so much that he agreed to do chores so I would pay for the extended version. I didn't mind doing it as he's having so much fun with it while learning new things."

-"My son and my husband are spending a lot of time playing this game together. They seem to be equally excited by it! :)"

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