26 de diciembre de 2016


The town of Grimsby is in trouble, and only you can save it!

Gather together your band of adventures and venture forth to defeat the Balrog whose minions are plaguing the town. Each character class has its own abilities which, combined with Balrog's unique skill system gives you the ability to customize your characters to be exactly the way you want them to be to secure your victory.

- 11 level scaling dungeon which reconfigures after victory for unlimited play.
- extensive character customization with the skills system.
- hex based tactical party based combat.
- create a party of up to 6 characters from 8 classes and 5 races.
- Ranger, Schoolman, Blackguard, Warrior, Cloth, Captain, Bloodfel or Istari.
- Human, Dwarf, Eldar, Halfling or Half-Orc.
- the classes have over 60 unique abilities/ spells for combat and/or exploration.
- skills include improving basic attributes, learning to use certain weapons/armor, disarming traps, first aid, improving damage or hit chance, identification of items and much more.
- 7 tiers of randomly generated weapons and armor.
- over 50 monster types with each have standard, veteran and elite variants.
- initiative system determines movement order and frequency.

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