8 de noviembre de 2016


Todayee is the type of Evernote for post-only app that does not exist up to now. According to the application, such as text and photos There are various Todayee app. All those apps posts will be summarized in the notes of the day. Also posts from other iPhone / iPad can be aggregated to the note of the same day.

- The app can create a text from the speech input. And it can post the text to Evernote.
- Uses the speech recognition API of iOS10.
- You can use voice commands. It helps to post the text automatically.
- It has the functions to help to modify the recognition mistake.

- Speech recognition will be started at the same time as the start-up.
- Your speech will be converted to text.
- Voice recognition will stop when you touch the screen.

You can be a special action by speaking a particular word in the speech recognition. These are referred to as "voice command".

"send” : When speaking at the end of the recognition, text will be posted. The command is not included in the text.

- Available for online only.
- Up to the end in one minute.
- Stop after certain period of silence.
- Changes according to the context in the middle of recognition.
- Available while Apple is providing services.
- More than 60 languages are available.

- Offers a variety of apps to suit your purpose.
- Today to aggregate all of the post of the day in one note.
- Record the time, place, weather, temperature.
- Posts are sorted in order of time in the day notes.
- You can change the switching reference time (usually 0:00).
- Notebook and set of tags can.
- Notes of the title can be selected from a prepared date format.
- Name and you can distinguish between the post and to register the name of the device.
- Posts are done in the background.
- You can be the highlight of the post put a star.

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