4 de noviembre de 2016


Takeoff fly your way and make safe rocket landing on the surface of mars - that would be simple and short description of this game but it is not so easy as it might sound at first. This task requires extreme focus and concentration.

Precise coordination of thrust and rudder control in extreme gravity conditions will cause your whole brain to work hard but after you master it, this simple rocket going to become part of your body, so natural to fly.

This is going to feel something like a car drift but instead of car and burning rubber it's going to be rocket in the air with just a jet stream propelling it. Every turn you make, inertia is going to fight against you without even mentioning all sort of obstacles such as mines, falling mines, closed doors, rotating objects that you should avoid! If you don't run out of fuel and reach landing platform, don't rejoice yet as there is thin line between safe landing and crash landing.

Are you ready for this challenge? Didn't I warn you about possible game induced rage? If that does not scare you then take this challenge and download this game now!

- Takeoff you rocket by gently applying thrust and use rudder to change direction.
- Avoid all obstacles: mines, falling mines, doors, walls, rotating objects.
- Collect all packets to open doors.
- Avoid using too much thrust to save fuel.
- Fly your rocket and safely land to proceed.

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