28 de noviembre de 2016


Beautiful brain teaser game where you have to plan ahead and create a movement queue to collect all the stars in the level. This game can go all the way from exciting and challenging to infuriating from times to times.

Solving Queue Ball's unique puzzles is a good way to develop great thinking habits. When you start a level for the first time, try to act according to your forecasts and your plans. Then, let the game take its course. See what happens. You may not have the opportunity to change course after you begin, but you do have the benefit of acquiring new information or results. Use them to decide how to modify your actions on your next try. There is no penalty for time spent on a level or number of tries.

- Handcrafted puzzles.
- Clean, beautiful, minimalist style.
- Unique game concept.
- Various puzzle elements.
- Dark skin.
- Many ball skins to unlock.

- Swipe in any direction to issue a movement action.
- Press Play when the queue is complete.
- Collect all the stars in the level to advance.

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