15 de noviembre de 2016


Welcome to Pirate Beach, the most funny PIRATE game on mobile and tablet devices!

Have you ever dreamed to be a pirate? Now, you can! Create your very own pirate island and pirate group, produce food and weapons, trade with pirates, set rules of the sea,explore different islands and PVP in events... Just easy touch gestures that mimic real pirate trade and activity.

Beach, pirates, ships, workshops, weapons and PVP. Your Pirate Beach really feels alive! Everything in pirate beach is at your command!

• FREE to play.
• Become the king of 100+ pirates from seven seas.
• Produce &harvest, craft 400+ unique items.
• Trade with pirates and train them.
• Discover and occupy treasures from different islands.
• Win PVP in explore events to get rewards.
• Finish GUILD orders to stronger your pirates team and island.
• Play and trade with friends.

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