14 de noviembre de 2016

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"My fate is hanging by a thread. A global pandemic has swept through my children, driving them away from my embrace or taking their life. It has given birth to mutated giant vermin whose destructive insticts tear at my insides. But humanity is tenacious. Still many survive, trying to rebuild, trying to give me a future."
-The city of Nyheim

Help a party of survivors lead the progress of Nyheim's rebuilding while rats, crises and harsh northern weather all attempt to finish off what the pandemic started.

- Roll dice and match symbols to progress on your quest.
- Search the districts of the city for supplies and survivors.
- Balance the needs of your party and headquarters.
- Fight monstrous rats and solve or weather crises.
- Complete your new home task by task.
- Attempt different approaches with Nyheim's features.

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