10 de noviembre de 2016


We created the ultimate babyphone game for small kids and even preschoolers that will help them learn about numbers, animal sounds and musical notes! Are you looking for fun and educational games for toddlers, that will keep them entertained for hours while learning new exciting things? Well, look no further!

Learning games for kids, such as our free baby phone app, have amazing features to make learning more interesting:

- Cute colorful graphics that are visually stimulating and engaging!
- Fun sound animations! All interactive actions are accompanied with sounds and vibration, to make playing this baby phone game more stimulating for kids!
** 3 equally exciting and educational game modes:
* LEARN NUMBERS FROM 0-9: every time kids tap on a number button, they will hear its pronunciation!
* LEARN DIFFERENT ANIMAL SOUNDS: when kids tap on a picture of an animal, they will hear the name of the animal and then the sound that the animal makes!
** There are pets, domestic animals and zoo animals, such as: pig, cat, lion, sheep, dog, monkey, duck, squirrel, elephant, chicken, deer, tiger!
* MUSICAL NOTES: babies and toddlers can make their own music by tapping on buttons with notes! They will have a great time, and improve their hand-eye coordination simultaneously!
* Our baby phone app free helps kids develop fine motor skills and sparks up their imagination!

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