29 de noviembre de 2016


We, the beasts of The Mountains, have had just enough. The audacity of humans has no bounds. They come to our homes and show no respect to the delicate ecosystem our beloved Mother Nature gave us.
The surrounding used to be so peace, almost tranquil… Now it’s turning into rowdy, smelly and overcrowded holiday resort.
The humans are making noise, littering our homes, draining the natural resources like there’s no tomorrow. They want a vacation? Let’s give them the vacation they’ll never forget!

Meet Dennis the Deer or William the Wolf and their surrogate father, The Shaman. Help them win the war for The Mountains. Drive the bumptious humans and their fancy hotel resorts out of the mountains and restore the equilibrium once and for all.

• Extremely fun and addictive game play
• Loads of power ups and equipment to enhance your performance
• Plenty of challenging tracks increasing in difficulty
• Hidden collectibles only for the most perceptive players
• Hours of fun for free!

Are you up for the challenge?

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