17 de noviembre de 2016


**Excellent social function, talk to your comrades directly in the game!**
**Slash through your foes! Thrilling action-filled battle!**
**Undertake your journey with 8 different classes in the incredible dreamland!**

The StormFantasy brings you a magical dreamland with the stunning 2d graphics rendered with client game quality. Grab your weapon to protect your friend, your hometown and your destiny against hordes of dreadful creatures, ferocious fiends and the Sin Lord of deceit and conspiracy.

You can also battle against your opponents and friends in varies kinds of PVP arenas! Lots of the social functions are supported with team instances, dungeons, raids and marriages to ensure you enjoying the whole wonderful dreamland.


- 8 classes with different skills, upgrade your powers and team up to make incredible combos.
Swordsman, mage, gunner, fistfighter, 4 classes and 8 advanced classes allow you to suit your style of play. Each class will use specific skills related to their type : Ranged-Melee-Magic

- A-mmorpg game with explosive battles, fight elite world boss and loot your trophies.
Various PVP mode, play against millions of players all over the world or team up to fight overwhelming world bosses to prove your power!

- Valentines, marriages, apprenticeships, high tea: abundent social functions.
Couples will enjoy special bonus, apprentices could be rewarded with exps & golds in apprenticeship tasks. Let your mentor guide you!

- Camp wars, guild wars, world bosses, sin battle field, royal 1 on 1 battle: keep calm and PVP.
Unique rewards and titles are offered for you, challenge the whole world to claim your #1 spot!

- Pets, mounts, fashions: customize your own character!
Lovely pets, fantastic mounts and specific fashions: experience your own character's life in the dreamland!

Join in the dreamland with global players to start your own adventures now!

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