11 de noviembre de 2016


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Duck, dive, twist and turn to enjoy the crazy ride of Loop da Loop!

It’s super easy to play but hard to master! Just tap or hold the screen left or right to spin the stunt plane in any direction you want.

Avoid obstacles and use different manoeuvres to complete levels. The better you fly the more rewards you’ll win. Just remember not all obstacles are your enemy!

There are currently 50 levels to master with more to come with every update!

So you think you’re a great stunt pilot hey! Well then, your challenge, if you wish to accept it, is to try to complete the game in championship mode for the best high score!

Loop da Loop has two modes: Rookie and Championship

Rookie lets you play the game by unlocking one level at time but you will not earn any coins.

Championship allows you to gain gold coins as you go to buy more planes! Start from level one and make your way through all levels to get the high score.

The more stunt planes you unlock the more you’ll master Loop da Loop. Each plane classes are capable of different speed and manoeuvrability to help you achieve a high score.

Check out your friend's high score on Game Center and beat them all!

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