29 de noviembre de 2016

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Being bored with same old games days by days & want a new challenge? Let's try JellyCannon !

You have a big red jelly candy. But the evil birds stole it & broke it into small pieces, they then hide them at their nest. you want your candy back, but how? JellyCannon will help.

You are given control to a fixed position cannon. You will use it to shoot bullets to environment obstacles to destroy them or make them rearrange. In some situations, you may want to shoot the red candies too, push them along their path to find each others. You will get your candy back, when all red jellies meet each others & emerge one big red candy.

Remember, the more bullets you shoot, the less score you will get. So, build up your tactics & shoot as little as possible.

Goal of the game:
Make all red jellies found each others & emerge one big red jelly.

Game control:
- To control cannon angle, touch & drag your finger on device screen.
- To fire the bullet, put a single touch to device screen. Bullet power is depend on the distance of your touch to the cannon position.

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