2 de noviembre de 2016


Desperate fight of a family that has been led generation after generation. As usual, a warrior continues to walk on the endless road of revenge for his father.

Since the day some warrior got killed by gigantic monster, The story of a cursed family begins... One revenge gives a birth another revenge, and it has created vicious cycle.
An Effort to cut off the vicious cycle is only a struggle of making bigger cycle. Despite the situation, a warrior who never gives up face the destiny with sword on his hand.

- Epic poem that describes the cursed family.
- A unique mix of RPG and two button arcade.
- Unique and unusual artworks.
- Spectacular action and FX.
- Develop a warrior in various ways by learning skills.
- One on one fight with gigantic monsters.
- Warriors that become stronger by upgrading a weapon and an armor.
- Various achievements and leaderboards.
- Intuitive and speedy gameplay.

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