3 de noviembre de 2016


What’s that? It’s impossible for you to become a hero?
Your dream heroes are right here waiting for you!

Seoul, Osaka, New York, London, Rio de Janeiro...
Heroes who perfectly suit your taste!!

The Invasion of Unidentified Aliens and the Conflicts between Heroes
- Unidentified aliens and ferocious alien bosses invading Earth!
- The epic story of cooperation and conflict between heroes from all places and eras!

A whole New Style of the Battle that will thrill you!
- Embrace an abundance of great skills! All New! All Cool! All Thrilling!
- Feel the freshness of a stylish cartoon-style battle! No more boring and same old RPGs!

Endless Heroes and for you to enjoy every day!
- More than 300 attractive heroes with 5 attributes each with 5 specialties!
- Limitless combinations of equipment and cubes beyond your expectation, all for your own hero team!
- Various rich contents you shouldn't miss ; Friends PvP, UFO Conquest, Line Upgrade, Alien Boss Raid, Alien Invasion, Guild Siege and much more!

Everyday Compelling Growth of Your Own Hero Team!
- 24/7 never-ending excitement you don't want to miss! No more unbalanced, ordinary games!

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