8 de noviembre de 2016

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Cute fantasy world, filled with funny creatures is waiting for you! Dive into the atmosphere of funny survival adventure playing Girls World: Craft & Exploration!

Feel like a fairy from your childish dreams! All things here make from bright cubes and blocks – even sky and clouds! Use your magic wand to quarry resources, protect yourself from danger or create tools!

Check two game modes – sandbox mode, where you can explore these island as you want, and survival mode, where you should face harsh and cruel side of these lands! Unravel all secrets of these cutie land and make it your home!

Mind your character’s indicators - health, energy, water and fullness. If one of these drops – no chance to survive in wild harsh conditions for long! Find food is not as easy as it seems – you need to gather plant food or even battle against animals to kill them! Craft weapons and tools in your inventory bar or using special workshops - survival tools such as an axe or fish rod would help you to stay alive!
Explore this cubical land with our new awesome survival simulator! Salvage survival tools and weapons, to protect yourself, hunt or fight against wild animals and other inhabitants of Dream World. Quarry resources to build bridges and huts. Upgrade an exploration, battling, and survival skills and prove your worth as a real survivor playing Girls Cube World Exploration!

Enjoy the beauty of this place or face dangers, meet wild animals or other ugly creatures, build and explore or hunt and fish - do all that you want playing Girls World: Craft & Exploration!

• Cute blocky and pixel survival game!
• Two game modes – sandbox and survival.
• Fantastic beasts, fairies, and fairy animals as inhabitants of this place.
• Magic wand as your main tool or weapon.
• Amazing crafting system.
• Explore this beautiful place, enjoy the atmosphere of fairy tale and have fun with Girls World: Craft & Exploration!

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