4 de noviembre de 2016


Intense ship flinging action!

FLING into battle head first to destroy your opponents with your SHIP! No use of conventional weapons, just raw brute force.

Tap and drag to FLING your SHIP, smash into GREEN enemies and avoid RED enemies. Play through a variety of levels and game modes, collect scrap and upgrade your ship!

- Simple swipe controls.
- Evade and destroy AI ships with the power of FLING.
- Complete contracts to collect scrap and upgrade your pilot level.
- Use scrap to unlock new modules and ships.
- Play all game types at once in Arcade mode!
- Play through 3 main game modes: Contracts, Arcade and Free Play!
- Contains up to 6 different game mode types: Survival, King of the Hill, Scrap Collector, Pacifist, Big Game Hunter and HARDCORE.

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