10 de noviembre de 2016


Help Quinn! He's been captured by the evil Zeops who trap their prisoners for fun in electrified grids.
Navigate past Zeops who will blast you with missiles or watch you fry in their laser traps.
Egress is an absorbing and very challenging escape game. Agility and stamina are must haves.

We start with 40 levels - 23 are free to play and you choose the price to unlock the rest. Good luck.

• 40 challenging levels including 10 tutorials to equip you with the necessary skills to succeed;
• Easy to use navigational controls with a nudge feature to aid precision movements;
• Exciting gameplay with missiles, laser traps, locked gates, and death walls all impeding your path to egress;
• Some levels offer the use of a shield for ultimate invincibility - until the timer runs out!
• Compare your score with your friends on the Game Center leaderboard.

Download now for free and set to work freeing Quinn from the clutches of the evil Zeops.

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