28 de noviembre de 2016



The biggest adventure with the smallest heroes is back - and this time the Slugs mean business! In the latest entry to the 50,000,000 downloaded Best Fiends trilogy, fight to keep the slugs at bay and the Fiend’s homes safe in an exciting new Tower Defense game!
Set and level up your defences, use special Fiend Powers like Fireballs and Spider Webs, and push back against all-new Slug contraptions like jetpacks, balloons, and obesity!

Having spent the last two games standing still and generally being ineffective at beating the Fiends, the dastardly Slugs have returned with a devastating new tactic - moving!
The Fiends must build up their defences and use their wits to turn the tide and protect their homes from the biggest threat Minutia has faced since the last game!

- FIENDISH STRATEGY Approachable tower defence gameplay taken to the next level!
- COLLECT & LEVEL UP Collect all the Fiends’ defences and special powers to fight off the Slugs!
- DAZZLING GRAPHICS A 3D world to explore along with finger-tapping music!
- STAY TUNED More levels, defences, powers, and surprises are on the way!

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