8 de noviembre de 2016



Circle Sweep is a brand new type of puzzle game! It’s a brilliant and addictive way for anyone to build their logic and decision-making skills.

You may have played match three games before but we bet you have never experienced a puzzle game quite like this.

Your goal is to match three or more like-colored orbs in a row. The orbs contain numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7. These orbs can only be rotated as many spots as their number so plan your moves wisely to achieve the goals and earn points Look out for bonus symbols that add even more depth and fun to the game.

Like any good puzzle game, Circle Sweep requires you to think multiple moves ahead in order to maximize your score. Every move in Circle Sweep affects the entire board so it’s important that you analyze each swipe. As you play you’ll naturally and intuitively train your brain to make logic connections to solve puzzles.

• Deep, challenging gameplay that will test your mind and skill.
• Train your brain with fun and engrossing puzzles.
• Overcome unique obstacles at every level.

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