10 de noviembre de 2016

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Game box as the carrier stack, or randomly generated or manually constructed. By constantly looking back at the growth, thereby bypassing obstacles on patrol or Bay in the scene and successfully triggered open and eventually reach the end.

Finish choice of route was free to create, or get near the end and then to open it on, of course, did not trigger the opening of all points not too close to the end. Moving obstacles might make a fuss, you can select a shortcut and fast path or patiently around the safety of the long way, faster customs clearance or leisurely spending time can be freely chosen.

After crossing the previous close, wouldn't stay in the fixed obstacles in the Middle, they will patrol on their sites, a group of fast and slow, a number of climbing. They will destroy your formation, reduce your number of squares. If you touch them, it would destroy a wide range of, if it happened to you, knows when he eats and its volume.

Supports two-player mode of the game, on the local network, or open the Bluetooth State, double work together or against each other. Combat mode, in addition to careful obstruction accident you can also seize the sieges your opponent uses several strategies to win. Cooperation mode, you can also operate the friend's box, but slightly longer cooling time.

Game has both long and short, if you are experiencing long barriers have been playing in the Middle, but other things can't continue to just, it doesn't matter, you can pause or exit the program immediately, the game will automatically save, wait until you have time, you can continue to play from the last save point.

Three dimensional space operations is a very cool thing, of course, if you come across when operations are not familiar with or can't remember clearly, can again enter the 1th 2nd level, view teaching animation.

Device adapter: Game interface automatic layout, landscape or portrait, can be to your liking. And iPhone iPad and using the same version, to get the full experience.

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