3 de noviembre de 2016


First of its kind, Beat Dash is a parkour music game developed by Can Game and 8082 Studio, and published by Hero Entertainment. Crafted by 4 prominent indie musicians, with carefully designed levels and awesome music beats, Beat Dash aims to bring you the gaming experience like no others. Not to mention the Pixel art look and the beautiful visuals. Let Beat Dash give you the best immersive experience on mobile platform both musically and visually.

- The first Parkour music game, one of its kind.
- Music and parkour: combining the best elements of casual games.
- Just follow the rhythm and moving forward.
- It’s easier than you think. You can even try beating the levels with ears open and eyes closed.
- Nice and easy parkour: just feel the rhythm, and follow the beat. Let the music take you away.
- A parkour music game with pixel art style, how cool is that?
- Immerse yourself in the pixel world. Taste the simplest joy of games.
- One hundred original tracks, all made to be the best of the best.
- 4 world’s top musicians with years of crafting, we aim to not only deliver good music, but also move your heart.
- Fun adventure, with colorful characters.
- Select from multiple characters. Skill is all you need to win.

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