16 de noviembre de 2016


Apollo Null is an adorable, original math puzzle game, where the goal is to balance planetary systems by reaching zero.

• Connect cute planets and cute asteroids with smooth lines to make clever math!
• Improve your everyday math skills so you can finally do your tax returns!
• Wrinkle your brain through more than 64 handcrafted levels! That's right, there's 65 handcrafted levels!
• Clear bonus objectives for than 0+ days of extra fun! That's right, I haven't counted it yet! But there's a lot!
• Not good at math? Don't worry, you can get a hint. Or two. Or five.
• Get a glimpse at your future in the emoji horoscopes created just for you!

• Each planet is a number, each asteroid is an operator*
• Connect two planets with an asteroid in-between to make math! For instance: (3) {-} (3)
• Use all planets in a level while ending up at zero to clear a level!

*: Plus, minus, multiply etc.

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