13 de octubre de 2016


Everyone has had bad bosses. You should meet the boss of X-Ploit Industries. He makes Donald Trump seem soft and cuddly. He is cheap, nasty, and addicted to PowerPoint. So who is this demon boss? Unfortunately, in Work Riot, it’s YOU. You’re the boss and your workers have banded together in a full-out revolution. Good luck getting out alive!

In Work Riot, you ride your favorite office chair to safety while jumping over obstacles and dodging the staplers, laptops, and other blunt objects that your workers throw at you. Watch out—if you escape from the office, your workers will relentlessly chase you to the ends of the earth… and beyond!

• Dodge 150 different projectiles including toilet plungers, killer rabbits, lava lamps, space monkeys, Frankenstein, designer shoes, Halloween decorations, dragon heads, and live chickens.
• Play through 10 unique environments including The Medieval Castle, The Post-Apocalyptic World, The Office, and The Arctic.
• Collect power-ups that will help you plow through obstacles, protect you from attacks, and propel you forward in a burst of speed.
• Watch out for the screaming fireballs and the dangerous holes they make in your path.
• Laugh your stress away and play this addictive action game with simple tilt controls.

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