17 de octubre de 2016


VR Galaxy Fighting King Of Kung Fu,vr 3d game,Sci-fi Kung Fu Fighting series mobile games debut! Game scene is a beautifully designed robotech in vast galaxy , great talent of Kung Fu master fighted in a hundred enemy,fighting scenes of blood surging, wave after wave of attack frequency, a great variety of attack and action design, so that players could be overwhelmed, from beginning to end in the excited state.People love kung fu fighting action game must love this game!

Game features, closed scene - occurs in a robotech, fighting kung fu master fighting many enemy. Enemy attack is very intelligent, although enemy attack is group attack, but not a rush, the enemy will be half to attack the player, while the remaining waiting to attack at a specific distance when the attack of the enemy is destroyed by player, and the enemy opponent has different attacks, injuries and death action design, making the Vr game more layering, also conforms Kung Fu game theme.

VR Gameplay: The game is simple and convenient, a good user experience, with the middle of the screen white point gaze target (enemy or blood pack), you can move to the target, move to the enemy can automatically attack, move To the blood pack can automatically fill the value of life, the operation is very simple and convenient!

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