22 de octubre de 2016



One... Ta-Whoo…Tha-Ree… CRUNCH. Welcome to Tootsie Pop where you can escape on a delicious and challenging candy adventure. Travel through the whimsical world of Mr. Owl, collecting candies, unwrapping sweet surprises and advancing through a beautiful Tootsie candy universe.

Tap and match groups of Tootsie pops to clear them from the board. The more pops you match, the sweeter the move. Matching 5 or more pops at once and gets you special treat: candy-clearing boosters. Conquer levels by collecting the candies or characters shown without running out of moves. Test your strategic abilities and earn stars to unlock awesome prizes.

Share lives with friends to keep the fun going all day long. Then race them along the board and compete for high scores. How many moves does it take to get to the end of the Tootsieverse? The world may never know…

- Free to play.
- Cute and colorful candy-themed areas.
- 120 handcrafted match-style puzzles.
- Powerful in-game prize packs.
- Unique Tootsie inspired candy challenges.
- Candy crunching combinable boosters.
- Handy candy-clearing power up tools.
- Friend tracking and leaderboards.

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