12 de octubre de 2016



Todayee is the type of Evernote for post-only app that does not exist up to now. According to the application, such as text and photos There are various Todayee app. All those apps posts will be summarized in the notes of the day. Also posts from other iPhone / iPad can be aggregated to the note of the same day.

- A minimum of 5 seconds can be set upper limit of up to 15 minutes (recording automatically end at the specified time).
- Channel: stereo (2ch) or monaural (1ch).
- Sample rate: 11/22 / 44.1 kHz.

- The top right corner of the recording and tap the red circle button to start.
- Automatically record when it comes to the upper time limit will stop.
- Post to Evernote by tapping the send button at the bottom right after recording.

- The recorded data up to just before when you kill the app will be lost during the recording. This is true even if the app crashes.

- Offers a variety of apps to suit your purpose.
- Today to aggregate all of the post of the day in one note.
- Record the time, place, weather, temperature.
- Posts are sorted in order of time in the day notes.
- You can change the switching reference time (usually 0:00).
- Notebook and set of tags can.
- Notes of the title can be selected from a prepared date format.
- Name and you can distinguish between the post and to register the name of the device.
- Posts are done in the background.
- You can be the highlight of the post put a star.

- To merge posts to one note from multiple apps and multiple devices, you must use same Evernote account.
- If you want to post beyond the capacity of per note of Evernote, notes of the same date will create a new (attaches to the end title # 2 # 3 ... and). Later, it will be summarized in a new note, regardless of the day of post time.
- Title of the format will be reflected from the next day of the post. Please be if you want to change to immediately open the setting screen to run the "switches the postscript destination to the new notes".

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