6 de octubre de 2016

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Go deep into the horror cave and collect all the golden books to unlock the door to the greatest treasure of the all time.

You are an adventurer who is stuck in the deep and dark cave which is filled with the horror creatures. You are in search of the ancient books which are hidden in the dark corners of the cave somewhere. These books contain information about a big and great treasure which is hidden in the underworld. Now you have to collect all the books in order to unlock the information about the treasure and find it.

But you have to avoid all the creatures and monsters which are lurking in the darkness of this cave. These are blood thirsty and hungry for the human meat and flesh. So you have to be very careful there.

If they found you or even heard your foot steps in this cave they will come to you and will try to eat you. They will eat you all up and will tear you apart in pieces and then they will turn you into the dead skeleton. Now you have to go in undetected and very slow so they won’t hear you and you have to collect books and avoid them.

Use Left Joy stick to go left/right/forward/backward.
Use Righty joy stick to See left/right/forward/backward.

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