26 de octubre de 2016


System Utilities have simple and elegant interface to monitor memory use, network connection status check and data use, tracks running background processes, cpu use, available disk space and maintain battery charge.

- Device systems informations (name, version, retina, ...).
- Realtime disk usage & free space.
- Battery level & status (charging, discharging).
- CPU usage, CPU count, load averages.
- Memory usage, pages ins/outs (detailed informations).

- Mobile carrier informations.
- Data Used.
- Advanced informations about your network and IP.
- Get your public IP (as seen on internet).

- Graphical battery level display.
- Battery state monitoring (discharging, charging, full).
- Estimated battery work time for different usage patterns (standby, audio and video playback, Wi-Fi and 3G browser usage, talk time).
- Adjustable battery health to make the estimated work times usable for older batteries.

- graphical display of wired, active, inactive, and free memory.
- Used and free disk capacity monitoring.
- File statistics (number of songs, videos, podcasts, artists, genres, etc).

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