20 de octubre de 2016


Recruit heroes Combo spell Expel demon Dragon slayer Enter Arcade Card Game GGWP.
Pick up your card and cast your spell! In Soul of Symphony, you command the legendary heroes, Seal demonic portal.

- Powerful spell: Unleash the fireball, call down the thunder, twister of soul; Wipe out all enemies.
- Build your deck: Over 60 heroes & spell; Team up your deck with knight, wizard, demon or dragon.
- Intense action simple controL: Summon fire pillar, heal with first aid and collect gold. Cast all spell with single thumb.
- Strategic battle: Safety travel back to town or dig deeper for more gold, It's your choice.
- Explore 24 arena with multiple enemies to unlock card.
- Level up & collect powerful card with unique ability.

Collectible Arcade RPG Card Game.
Blast mountain, Burn cottage with your thumb!

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