10 de octubre de 2016

0,99 €

Wanna be a young dashing hero? Fight enemy thugs on the street? Let's get start now! Throw your combinations and knock them out!

Hate ads? Hate spending more for greedy in-app-purchases? Let's forget them all! Earn coins from your wins, use them to purchase cool power-ups.

• High quality graphics & thrilling sfx effects. Pixelated theme.
• Intuitive touch and drag controls.
• Tutorial to learn how to play, easy though.
• Countless different enemy characters, each has a unique skillset and AI level.
• Various different attack combinations.
• Many different maps: Sunset Avenue, Frozen Overpass and Mean Street, ... and more to come!
• A shop to purchase power ups, no real money needed.
• No ads, no in-app-purchase.

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