5 de octubre de 2016


Robo Rush is kind of endless running game style was launched in September 2016. The robot game is set in the fight of heroic robot to destroy the wicked.

In the game Robot Rush, you will assume the role of robot run characters and fight your way to overcome the obstacles in order to pass the level.

With this running game, players will participate in the robot game quickly.

Players will choose one of 6 character robot rush.

ou will have to use all your skills with the support of the small robot run, guns that can run the farthest.

Just have enough energy, you can transform your robot rush and your Robot run can beat all the monsters and obstacles in this period operational skills

On Robot game, take the bullets or missiles, they will help your robot rush destroy evil robot

Robo Rush - Graphic youthful style, modern where robo fight evil robot. Moreover, in Robo Rush music very exciting, fast-paced, you will feel excited when your robot run each level running game.

- Play Robo Rush Free! In-app purchases available.
- Jump up and dive to your robot run avoid obstacles.
- Upgrade your robot character to gradually increase rankings in robot game.
- Enough energy to be able to use skills can transform your robot rush.
- Pick up items along the way to fight the evil robot rush.
- Complete missions to get rewards.

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