1 de octubre de 2016


In the game, in order to save the world that was engulfed in the demon, you will call together several heroes to challenge the evil devil.
Devil live in dungeon where are full of countless unknown dangers and opportunities.Find the portal toward the dungeon depths.
You need to coordinate a variety of characters to fight against the monster.Explore the mysterious dungeon.
Looking for more powerful weapons and equipment.

However, in the face of powerful enemies,you need to constantly upgrade your ablity.
That will be successfully defeated cunning enemy!

Set up a team of your character, warriors, wizards, priests, and many other professions.
Try different career combinations, upgrade hero abilities and spells, and take all kinds of tactics to win the victory.
The secret of defeating the enemy is to collect the higher different rune.
Explore the dark dungeon, avoid the enemy's trap, and find the hidden treasure.
The deployment of classic chess, see through the enemy's weaknesses, every step you have to be careful planning.

Super convenient single hand operation, whenever and wherever possible the fun of the game.
Move your hero through the sliding screen and complete the task, click on the move or attack to prevent your enemies from moving forward.
You can change language in the title page - setting .

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