20 de octubre de 2016


Focus! Tap! Master the universe!

Tired of challenges only on reaction speed?
Planet Swing is the game for you!
To be an Astro Master, we require your Sense of Space, Distance and Speed!

- Simple but addictive gameplay you'll never want to put down.
- Planet, Sun, Moon, Satellite, Asteroid, Star, etc. Plenty of space stuff challenge your skill.
- Unique and colourful art design.
- Discover hiding tricks to sharp your skill.
- Fun unlockable characters to collect.
- Endless adventure brings you hours of fun.
- Nice music accompanies your trip across the beautiful galaxy.

- Tap the screen to loosen the rope.
- Dangle from planet to planet to get higher score and challenge the leaderboard.
- Dodge danger and collect stars.
- Sharp your sense and skill to swing in the right time.

Completely free to play! How far you can go only depends on your skill!!
Tap and get it NOW!!!

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